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We are a registered not-for-profit corporation in the state of North Carolina. We are also recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity (EIN# 81-2048716)This allows donors to make tax deductible donations/contributions to our organization. Please consult your tax professional for more details.

We endeavor to work in under-served neighborhoods in Guilford County, NC; assisting families with chained dogs to become compliant with local anti-tethering ordinances. We provide no-cost, chain link kennel systems allowing them to unchain their pet in a safe and secure enclosure. We educate and provide resources for our families to properly care for their pets. We have also partnered with a local veterinarian who assists us with providing medical care for the dogs in our program which need it most. Finally, in our most dire cases we assist our families with any critical needs they may personally have.

Requirements for those considered for our program are the following:

  • All pets must be spayed/neutered
  • Owner must be receiving government assistance or meet our low income requirement
  • A family member is asked to help build the kennel (if physically able)
  • A family member is asked to "pay it forward" to help us build another families kennel (if physically able)
  • Owner must agree to our follow-up visits every 4-6 weeks

OUR STORY ~ by Sylvia Mayon
Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in "Break the Chain Kennel Kru." Besides my family, BTCKK is my passion. Here is a brief story of our humble beginnings...

My family immigrated to the US in 1968 from Germany. In 1972, my brother (5) & I (7) came home from school one day to find a big box in the livingroom with a note on top - our mom had left. My dad came home from work and said he couldn't raise 2 kids so he kept my brother and sent me to a foster home. My world had come crashing down. Prior to my mom leaving, she would be frustrated about having to be at home with us kids (due to my dad having to work 3 jobs to make a life for us here). I can remember being put in a dark closet several times if I woke up to early. I remember being tied to a livingroom chair by a babysitter because Mom started going out a lot. 

After spending a few years in the foster home, my dad took me back. My teen years were very rough as my dad wasn't home a lot so my brother and I pretty much raised each other. There were many times we didn't have a lot of food to eat and neighbors cooked for us. In my late teens, I tried committing suicide 3 times because I felt so alone. Luckily, I never got involved with drugs and alcohol.

Later in life my dad and I became closer. Although he still carried the hurt of his wife leaving him and I reminded him of her. However, I learned to forgive and we enjoyed many special times together.

I never had a dog growing up. When I moved to Maui to be with my husband Andrew (who I met online while in WI), we adopted our 1st dog Kona.  He was 8 weeks old and found abandoned (like me) along side the road. This dog became my shadow and the 1st one to love me unconditionally.  In 2010, 6rys after moving to NC, we learned that he had cancer. I promised him that I would be a voice for other abandoned and neglected dogs. 

On April 26, 2015, my father passed away from a sudden heart attack. He was a perfectionist and a hard worker. He was constantly building, remodeling or creating something remarkable. Every job he did, was done with the highest attention to detail. In his community of Janesville, WI, he was known for the various charitable work he did.  

I felt that building kennels to unchain dogs in these under-served communities would be a perfect way to honor him and Kona but also would allow me to help dogs & their owners who come from similar backgrounds such as mine. I want these folks to know that the one thing they are chaining in their yard is the one thing that will never hurt them and will always love them unconditionally. 

Since 2013, I have prayed that I would find where I belong in the animal rescue world. After being an outreach volunteer for a year, I knew that it had to involve helping chained dogs.

In October 2015, my husband Andrew and I revisited a wonderful family while doing outreach. They had their dog “Cash” neutered thru Project B.A.R.K.’s spay/neuter program. After talking with Cash’s family they shared that they may have to surrender him because they couldn't afford a higher fence, and couldn't afford Guilford County's newly enacted tethering fine. (Cash was chained because he kept jumping over their four foot fence.) Andrew and I looked at each other and asked Cash's Mom, "What if we raised the funds to build Cash a nice kennel with a tarp? Would you accept our help?" Cash’s mom, with tears in her eyes said "Absolutely!"

Determined to help Cash and his family, we privately reached out to friends and family asking for donations to help purchase his kennel and tarp. On November 8, 2015, four of us, along with Cash's family built him his kennel. It took us three hours, but it was so awesome to work with Cash’s family to help him. Once we completed the build, we unchained Cash. Seeing how happy he was, on a bed of straw instead of the mud he was used to, and chewing on his new toy, Andrew & I got in the car and said "This is what God has called us to do!" Not only did Cash's family help us build their kennel but his Dad also helped us build several other kennels and has provided straw on other builds as well!

I am so grateful to those of you who have mentored and encouraged me. I have to first thank Beverly Jay S for taking me on my first outreach in October 2014 while volunteering with Unchain Guilford. I knew after that experience, outreach was where my passion was. She has been an amazing mentor and friend to me since then. The others on the UG team have also been wonderful to me.

We are look forward to helping other chained dogs and their families in Guilford County. Thank you to our awesome team of volunteers, and of course, my husband, Andrew for going on this journey with me.

Dad, I will work hard to make you proud! Until we see each other again.....Love & Miss You Sylvia♥