William Jones - Treasurer

Meet William Jones

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, William Jones has always been an animal lover; primarily to include dogs & cats alike.  Until 2012, when met with divorce, there was Nina (his beloved cat) from the time she was born in 2001 and don Cicci (his beloved dog) who was a rescue from Petco. Everyone lived as a happy family.

Fast forward to 2014, William moved to Raleigh to pursue employment with the Marriott corporation. Since then, there has been Max (a beagle/jack Russell terrier) mix and more recently Ca$h (Pit/Boxer/Lab) Mix & Diamond (Multiple terrier mix).

Due to his experiences in the security industry and having a heart and a compassion for his wonderful dogs; He decided to expand his horizons to assist with animal rescue, animal welfare and assisting families with providing additional resources.

Break the Chain Kennel Kru has enabled him to reach into the community and become a conduit for advocacy and help connect families and many fur babies with options for continued care and forever homes.  He is forever passionate about spreading joy, love and building lasting relationships that will push people to ‘PAY IT FORWARD’ in our communities.